The Come Back!

Our apartment now feels like the clubhouse of a team on a winning streak.  Everyone is happy and feeling good and loose.

The most important driver is that the kids are comfortable in school.  They now get up in the morning without any yelling, wrestling or  hurling of things (verbal or otherwise) and are ready to leave on time.  Who are they?  When we asked Kate the rationale for the change, she quickly answered “I just made up my mind that I wasn’t going to let anything bother me any more.”  If only we could figure out how that happened!

As in most things, success has bred confidence which breeds more success, which breeds more confidence and so on.  A couple of highlights.  Michele and I went to a great restaurant (878 Thames) which could reasonably pass for hip.  We have begun taking the bus as our primary means of getting around the city which is both more interesting and less hassle than taking taxis.  Michele went out with her girlfriends on Tuesday night.  We managed to go out for dinner Wednesday at 9:30 and though the food at Vcitoria Brown Bar was disappointing, the scene was awfully cool.

On Thursday  Michele went for a 2.5 hour lunch in Puerto Madero where she got to see how the locals truly live (you’ll have to ask her).  I tried out my own local restaurant Guido’s Bar where I am working out my strategy to become a regular.  The  kids attended a birthday party on Friday that they enjoyed.  Saturday night when Michele and I went to a movie at 6:45 and then met our friends out for dinner at 9:30 Oviedo where we dined until after midnight.  We have gone native!  Sunday was gloomy and rainy so we took the kids to Las Cañitas for a long family lunch at Novociento before suffering through the Minions movie.

We took what BsAs could dish out and now we are turning the tide.  Feeling good about the journey.

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