The Falls

The old saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words, and there is really no better example than our trip to Iguazu Falls.  A definite highlight of our trip thus far.  The timing couldn’t have been better as the family was coming off a bout of different illnesses.  We arrived on Friday night and stayed at the Sheraton which is right in the middle of the National Park.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we took long hikes through the park seeing the various waterfalls from different vistas.  Saturday we added an “adventure tour” that included repelling off a cliff and taking a zip line through the canopy.  We also saw all sorts of wildlife including monkeys (not just Jake) and coati which are little Argentinian racoons.


2015-06-28 10.20.31
Ta da!
2015-06-28 10.23.47
Rainbow over the falls
2015-06-28 10.30.37
2015-06-28 10.31.44







2015-06-26 15.53.09
Two monkeys


















Our trip coincided with the Grateful Dead final concert series in Santa Clara.  While I certainly would have liked to see the show, it was great to have this experience at the same time.  Also, the concert was notable for the giant rainbow that appeared above the stadium.  It was therefore only appropriate that we were at a place known for its beautiful rainbows.

2015-06-28 10.23.14
Panorama Rainbow
2015-06-27 11.48.52
Family (thank you Tom Andrus)
2015-06-26 14.51.27
At The Devil’s Throat
2015-06-28 10.02.16
Rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes
2015-06-27 11.25.47
Under the falls
2015-06-27 11.23.30
Getting wet
2015-06-27 10.57.53
On the bridge
2015-06-26 16.12.30
Great view
2015-06-26 15.02.06
Rainbow boy


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