One notable difference from U.S. culture is Argentinos frequent use of hugs and kisses (abrazos y besos).  There are many pros and cons of this type of more “hands on” culture, but it seems to me that the custom of hugging children is one that should be imitated.

Our children have really enjoyed getting hugged by their teachers, coaches and frankly everyone they meet. It is a gesture that immediately provides kids with a feeling of warmth and acceptance.  Today, Jake had basketball at the local sports club and I could see how impactful a big hug from his coach was in getting him comfortable playing in a new environment.

I can imagine the howls of the fear brigade trying to protect our kids from illicit touching, but our no hugging culture seems to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Clearly reasonable boundaries are appropriate, but to me it seems like more hugging of children would be a good thing.


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