Positive vibrations

Tuesday was Jake’s first day of school and he did great.  Everything we said about Kate in the previous post, applies equally to Jake.  It wasn’t easy, but he made it through the day and we couldn’t be prouder.

One of the tactics we employed involved the power of positive thinking.  Specifically, we gave Jake a positive phrase for him to say to put himself in a good frame of mind about the upcoming challenge.  This video shows how it worked

Si se puede!

Jake repeated this phrase to me approximately 300 times and I think it really worked.  It also gave him a way adjust his frame of mind when things were going badly during the day.  It’s not a panacea but it was useful.

Michele and I also had an interesting day fighting our way through the bowels of the Argentine bureaucracy, attempting to get some documentation for the kids’ school.  It was truly daunting and left us with a particular appreciation for American efficiency.  The Argentine system makes the DMV seem like calling an Uber!

Today I had my first lunch time empanada feast at Doña Eulogia (Castex 3425).   Who knew you could cram so much deliciousness into a little meat pie?  Out of this world.  It will certainly not be my last visit.

This afternoon the kids came home with, dare I say, a little spring in their step.  Kate enjoyed playing her new sport, field hockey, and Jake had to admit that he kind of enjoyed school.

Solid day today.  We are starting to get the hang of this.

One thought on “Positive vibrations

  1. Your posts are inspiring to us.

    To watch one’s children inspire their children is FANTASTICO!


    Dad Pop pops Steve


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