El primero dia

Today was our first full day in Buenos Aires and it was a great start to our adventure.  We did entirely mundane things, but each of those things presented cultural and language challenges.  Michele figured out how to order her special coffee drink in Spanish


(Look familiar?)

I managed to purchase some time for my cell phone which required me to recite my cell phone number in Spanish.

We had an interesting encounter when we went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of things for delivery. It turns out that the “welcome” package we had received earlier in the day from our relocation service, was in fact a package intended for the apartment next door.  While we sat at home and waited, the grocery store was unwilling to deliver our groceries until we returned the errant package.  We had to first convince them that we weren’t grocery thieves before they would make our delivery.  This problem would have been challenging enough in English, but in Spanish it was down right comical.

Best part of the day was we had a proper Argentine lunch.  It started at 1:30 lasted about 2 hours, began with an appertif, involved a full bottle of wine and multiple courses and was down right delicious.  We ate at La Parolaccia, (Av Cervino 3561) which is a lovely Italian place a couple of blocks from our apartment.  The family sitting next to us was there when we arrived and was still there when we left so we still have much to learn

We have further adjusted to the Argentine schedule by having dinner at Akira Nikkei (Cavia 3090) at 9:30 pm with our children.  When we wrapped up around 11 pm, there were still families with children on their way in!

We are still feeling a little lost and disoriented.  Moving to a new house is hard because every little thing needs to get fixed. Moving to a new area is hard because you don’t know where to go for the basics (dinner, shopping, shoe repair).  Moving to a new country where you don’t speak the language is hard for obvious reasons.  Doing all three things at once, well, let’s just say it’s an experience.  We are loving every second of it!

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