Making friends

We believe that the sooner our kids make friends here in Argentina, the better.  As entertaining as we are, the kids are happier with other kids.  On our second day, we wandered around a local park (Plaza Alemania) and had our first success in this area.  Unsurprisingly, Kate led the way in this regard.  We were no more than 10 feet into the park before Kate had found some playmates.  The kids spoke only in Spanish and when I asked Kate afterwards what they talked about she said “I don’t know.”  Not sure whether that is the classic “I don’t know” meaning “I don’t want to tell you” or an actual “I don’t know” but either way, we were thrilled.

2015-02-15 16.20.57

Kate on the run

Predictably Jake took a little longer to get going.  We happened upon a full on soccer (futbol) game. Jake was wearing a jersey of a local soccer club (Boca Juniors) so naturally the other kids asked him to play.  He refused of course.  After numerous methodologies of coaxing him to play (including Michele bravely taking a stab at playing with heels on), he finally took the field and acquitted himself quite well.  The high point of our trip to date.

2015-02-15 16.43.55

Jake showing them how we do in the 650

After the games had wrapped up, we quenched our thirst in a proper Argentine manner at a cafe for an hour.  I then met up with the CEO of an Argentine company I’m involved with ( and then went home to watch the Boca Juniors 3-1 victory over Olivas.  A local seafood place (Nemo) for dinner at 9:00pm and then back home.  We are starting to go native.  Now if we could only learn to speak Spanish….

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