4 meals a day

One thing that Michele and I had been struggling to figure out is how the Argentines can eat dinner so late.  I get so damn hungry by 7:30, that I’m ready to eat my arm.  However, when we showed up 10 minutes after  our 8:30 dinner reservation last night at Bernata, they had yet to open the doors of the restaurant!

The secret is the the merienda a meal which the Argentinos eat between lunch and dinner (around 5:00). This meal usually consists of tea and some type of bread type dish (Michele prefers cookies). It is particularly useful to soothe the savage beasts (aka our children) when they come home after school at 4:30.

Now we need to figure out how the Argentines seem so skinny despite eating four meals a day.  One thing is for sure, we are not shopping here:

2015-03-05 11.21.56

One thought on “4 meals a day

  1. Yes, they are thin. What percentage are smoking? When I was down there, it seemed that literally everybody smoked (including the rail thin young ladies) and my theory was that appetites were suppressed, so while there were a lot of meals mostly it was eating in moderation (i.e. nibbling).


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